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All TECTROL products are manufactured, assembled, and tested right here in Odessa, Texas, where American innovation and hard work run strong. We feel that "Made in USA" is synonymous with for superb quality and reliability and this is exactly what we give our customers.

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Liquid Level Controls

In designing TECTROL liquid level control, we use two principles of operation that have become the industry standard:  Archimedes Principle and the Cantilever Beam.  Our goal was to manufacture a product that the oil field people could understand its operation and perform basic repairs themselves.


Model 4-LLC 4" Pneumatic 1,500 PSIG Liquid Level Control

TECTROL Model 4-LLC uses a sensing rod with an attached displacer on the end.  With the rising of the fluid you have the static lift force that allows your actuator pad to move closer to the nozzle, diverting your supply pressure to a diaphragm operated motor valve.  As the fluid drains, your level drops and the pad moves away from the nozzle, resulting in the relief of the supply pressure and the diaphragm operated motor valve closes.  You are throttling the valve to maintain a set fluid level in the unit.

Using this method of control you can sense and regulate levels of gas to fluid interface applications as well as many fluid to fluid interfaces.

Should you desire a snap action of this unit you could do this by perchasing TECTROL Snap Pilot and make the correct adjustment to our control head.

TECTROL Liquid Level Control is easy to adjust in the field, making it a product that is going to deliver your products in the most cost effective method.

Our liquid level control is available in different sizes; 2"  threaded, 4"  hammer union, 5"  hammer union, and flanged.





Model 2-LLC N " Threaded 250 PSIG Liquid Level Control


TECTROL's low pressure float operated 2"  liquid level control has found many different applications in the oil industry.  Our standard 2"  unit utilizes a stainless steel float and SNAPVALVE  to provide a positive pneumatic output to control your liquid levels.  It can be used as a level control or as a component of high-low level alarm system.  A major feature of TECTROL's unit is the field adjustment ease that will not effect your processing.

A simple and effective tool for your fluid control, it is available in our standard 2"  threaded unit or you may special order a 2"  Flanged Unit or 1"  threaded liquid level control.

As always, special orders on Liquid Level Controls are welcomed.





TECTROL'S 8" Float Nose Liquid Level Controller 250# CWP with a 5" or 8” weld neck


TECTROL'S 8" Float Nose Liquid Level Controller 250# CWP is available in 5" or 8".



3/8" NPT X 12" (other sizes available upon request)

Grease filling is provided for maintenance purposes