Snap Valves

TECTROL  Model 6005 SNAPVALVE  is one of the finest miniature valves being offered for industrial application. This unit had been field proven to be rugged and reliable in many complicated and demanding applications. With its over-center construction and snap-action operation, which industry expects in a miniature valve, this unit can truly solve many of your control problems.



SNAPVALVE  features a 1/16  orifice, with a maximum working pressure of 100 PSI, encased in a standard anodized housing. This miniature valve operates at full speed regardless of the force applied; a light force is preferred (16 ounces). You will find no neutral position of lag time in the SNAPVALVE  operation response. The unit seals in an off position and cannot be jarred out of this shut-off position. Being a 3-way, 2-position valve, you may select the position of operation that best fits your working conditions.

With no sliding seals or rotating parts to wear out or cause leakage, our SNAPVALVE  requires minimum maintenance. With a clean or filtered pneumatic supply, these units can be maintained in the field for a lengthy time without replacement.

Your imagination is the only limiting factor on the vartiety of uses for this product. Contact TECTROL for the name of your nearest SNAPVALVE representative.

SNAPVALVE is your assurance of quality.


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