Liquid Controls

Anderson 2202-JR Features

Unique patented design is user-friendly, environmentally efficient and competitively priced.

Non-Bleed Pilot

  • Sales are increased and air pollution is decreased by eliminating the constant venting of supply gas.

  • Externally mounted for easy access to pilot and filter for service. Filter is upstream from supply gauge - a drop in supply pressure indicates a plugging filter.

  • Standard built-in aluminum seat, but optional replaceable stainless steel seat is available.

  • Hard rubber slide bar reduces vibration to prevent wear on seats.

  • Standard Stainless Steel liquid-filled gauges.

Front Mount Only

  • Eliminates confusion created by having to specify left or right mount.


  • Standard 12" PVC.

  • All sizes available.

  • Cost-saving Teflon available for high temperature applications.

  • Call for quote on Stainless Steel or other materials.

Optional Sight-Glass Model

  • 1500 psi sight-glass built into nozzle for vessels without external sight glass.


  • All units tested and pre-set at factory prior to shipping

Additional Info

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